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Tupac Shakur

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Tupac Shakur Interviews

"It's not like I idolize this one guy Machiavelli. I idolize that type of thinking where you do what ever's gonna make you achieve your goal."
(Tupac explaining why he changed his rap name to Makaveli)

"Who else is going to love me but the thugs?"
(Tupac responding to an old man who asked "But why be a thug?")

"Nobody can talk about pain like Tupac. No one knows it like me"

"I'm in jail now, But I'm free. My mind is free. The only time I have problems is when I sleep."

"If I wouldn't lay down on the floor for two niggas with pistols, what the fuck make you think I would bend over for a nigga without weapons?"
(2pac responding to the rumour that he was raped in jail)

"The artists now who selling records stole our style. Listen to' em - Biggie is a Brooklyn nigga's dream of being West Coast."

"I think some cool motherfucker sat down a long time ago and said, Let's figure out a way to control motherfuckers. That's why they came up with the Bible."

"When people ask Suge if he's beefing with Bad boy and Puffy, he says that's like going to the playground to pick on little kids."

"I think heaven is just when you sleep, you sleep with a good conscience, you don't have nightmares."

"Hell is when you sleep, the last thing you see is all the fucked up thing's you did in your life and you just see it over and over."

"If the churches took half the money that they was making and gave it back to the community, we'd be all right."

"All good niggas, all the niggas who change the world, die in violence. They don't die in regular ways."

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