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.:: Tupac Family

Tupac Shakur Family

Tupac Shakur

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Tupac Shakur Family

Mother: Afeni Shakur

Biological Father: Billy Garland

Father: Mutulu Shakur

Brother: Maurice Harding

Uncle: Lumumba Shakur

Uncle: Zayd Shakur

Godfather: Geronimo Pratt

Afeni Shakur

Mother of Tupac, she was in prison while pregnant with Tupac. Afeni was a member of the Black Panthers. She was in prison for a plot to bomb banks and department stores. Family moved from the east coast to the west. Tupac found out Afeni was taking drugs while on tour with digital underground in 1990. Afeni won the rights to all unreleased Tupac songs. She released double album "RU Still down? (Remember me) in 1997. She has recently released Greatest Hits and a Tupac poetry book.

Billy Garland

Biological father of Tupac. Tupac was told that his father was dead, but he first met him in hospital after being shot in New York. A member of the Black Panthers.

Mutulu Shakur

Married to Afeni Shakur. Convicted for his involvement in a 1981 armored car robbery. It left two policeman and a brinks guard dead.

Lumumba Shakur

Brother of Mutulu Shakur. Murdered in Louisiana before Mutulu's arrest.

Zayd Shakur

Brother of Mutulu Shakur. Killed in a shootout in New Jersey.

Geronimo Pratt

Convicted Black Panther member, Tupac's godfather.

Assata Shakur

In 1973 she and Zayd Shakur were stopped by an NJ trooper. In a shootout Zayd and the NJ trooper were killed. Assata was sent to prison. In 1979 she escaped from prison after learning of a plan to kill her. She fled to Cuba, where she is under Asylum granted by Fidel Castro.

Sekyiwa Shakur

She is a sister of Tupac. She appeared on Killa Tay's album Snake Eyez on the track Coast Trippin.

Keisha Morris-Shakur

She married Tupac when he was in prison. She first met Tupac in June 1994. Tupac asked her to marry him three months after they had started dating. They married while Tupac was in prison. Tupac said he wanted to move to Arizona and name a daughter Star or a son Michelangelo. They separated after Tupac got released from prison

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