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.:: Tupac Shakur Enemies

Tupac Shakur Enemies

Tupac Shakur

.:: Badboy Records

Badboy Records

Badboy's record label logo

All the beef was sparked by the shooting in the Manhattan Studio in New York. Pac claimed and told an interviewer of Vibe magazine that it was setup by Biggie (Notorious BIG) and Puffy (Sean Puffy Combs) (Puffy being the mastermind). Basically, Pac had serious beef with Bad Boy Records and was clear to show his anger in his lyrics - "If you wanna be down with Bad Boy, then fuck you too!.."

.:: Notorious BIG

Tupac Shakur Enemies Notourious BIG

Notorious BIG - AKA Biggie Smalls - Real name: Christopher Wallace

They were once good friends & Pac was claimed to be the source of Biggie's fame and riches. Tupac would do performances with BIG to assist BIG in his struggling career to be known as a rap star. When Pac was shot in the Manhattan Studio in NY, he claimed that Biggie was aware that the shooting would take place, but failed to give him full information. Their friendship was later worsened when BIG released an album that was remarkably similar to Pac's upcoming album, which resulted in Tupac re-recording the entire new album. Pac also mentioned that Biggie was "rapping about my life" when he was rapping about the cash, jewelry and assets he did not really have.

.:: P.Diddy


P.Diddy - Real name: Sean 'Puffy' Combs

Sean "Puffy" Combs aka P. Diddy
Tupac had problems with Puffy as he believed he was the mastermind behind the NY shooting. Other (and a more simpler) reasons was because he was down with Bad Boy Records, and he was "fake" or unoriginal as he did not make his own lyrics or music. Some words of retaliation include: "Puffy weaker than a fucking block I'm running you nigga..." - Hitemup

.:: C. Delores Tucker

C. Delores Tucker

C Delores Tucker

C. Delores Tucker A black woman that was offended by rap and tried to ban it's music or put major censorships on it. Pac mentioned her name in "Wonda they call U bitch" - "Dear Ms. Delores Tucker, keep stressin' me fuckin' with a muthafuckin' mind, I figured you wanted to know, you know, why we call them hoes bitches, and maybe this might help you understand it ain't personal, strictly business baby, strictly business." She sued Tupac's estate claiming that the track (although released a few years ago) ruined her sex life (don't ask me how).

.:: Jay-Z


Jay-Z - Real name: Sean Carter

Jay-Z was the first to diss Tupac when he released the track titled "Brooklyn's finest" (with Biggie also dissing him in the same track). Jay-Z had a close relationship with Bad-Boy records and with Mobb Deep. As a retaliation, 2Pac released "Bomb First" on his Makaveli album, dissing Jay-Z and others.

.:: LL Cool J

LL Cool J

LL Cool J - Real name: James Todd Smith

Tupac praised LL Cool J in his older album "Me against the world" on the track "Old School". But the beef commenced when LL decided to take Mobb Deep's side with the recording of the track "I shot ya", in order to create his "hardcore" image that he had lost. Once again, a war was created between the two.

.:: Chino XL

Chino XL

Chino XL - Real name: Derek Barbosa

Chino dissed many people including Whitney Houston, Eddie Murphy and of course Tupac. In keeping up with his tradition, Tupac retaliated: "..Chino XL, fuck you too. All you mother fuckers, fuck you too!" - Hitemup. It is believed that Chino XL's comments was only there to create publicity and make him a well known rapstar, but this scheme was obvious, so Tupac didn't mention his name too many times as this would only create a name for Chino XL. Chino later said his beef with Tupac was just a lyrical thing

.:: Nas


Nas - Real name: Nasir Jones

Tupac didnt' like the fact that Nas ripped Pac's beats such as the track for "All Eyez On Me". Nas once said the beef was squashed right before Pac died.

.:: Mobb Deep

Mobb Deep

Mobb Deep - Havoc and Prodigy - Real names: Kejuan Muchita and Albert Johnson

With the recording of "New York, New York" with Tha Dogg Pound on the album titled, "Dogg Food", the heat between the two rappers was bought to light. Other influences included the fact that Mobb Deep released a song titled "Thug Life, we still livin' it" after he wrote an article about quitting Thug Life. Mobb Deep was believed that he said alot of things in his music that he did not carry out. "Oh yeah Mobb Deep, you wanna fuck with us? You Little young ass mutha fuckas, don't one of you niggas got sickle-cell or something? You fucking with me, nigga ? You fuck around and catch a seizure or a heart-attack. You better back the fuck up before you get smacked the fuck up, that how we do it on our side.." - Hitemup

.:: Dr Dre

Dr Dre

Dr Dre - Real name: Andre Young

Tupac disliked the way Dre left Death Row and the beef was compunded when Dre failed to turn up at Snoop's court trial, which Pac saw as an insult to Snoop and the entire Deathrow record label. Pac also claimed that Dre wasn't working hard enough while recieving alot of cash while he was with Death Row records. Dre however, didn't seem to want to cause any trouble and did not diss Pac in any way.

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