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2pac: Remembered a decade on

Posted by Menace on 13 Sep 2006 10:58

2pac remembered a decade on

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the death of 2pac, one of the greatest Hip Hop icons the world has ever seen.

The 7th of September 1996, would be a critical day in 2pac's life and a dreadful day for millions of 2pac fans. That evening Tupac Shakur attended the MGM Grand to watch the Mike Tyson/Bruce Seldon boxing match with Deathrow records CEO Marion ‘Suge' Knight, shortly before leaving the venue Tupac got into conflict with a man (revealed later as gang member Orlando Anderson) & was seen later on CCTV stomping Orlando along with other Deathrow affiliates, Tupac Shakur then left the MGM.

Later on that night just after 11pm Tupac Shakur was riding in a black BMW driven by Marion ‘Suge' Knight, they were making there way to club 662 where 2pac was going to perform when a white colored cadillac pulled up alongside the BMW whilst it was stopped at a red light & one of the occupants of the cadillac opened fire & 13 shots hit the BMW & occupants, 4 of those bullets hit Tupac but most critically one entered his leg & ricocheted once hitting the bone & travelled into his lung.

2pac remained in hospital fighting for survival for a week until finally his mother Afeni Shakur felt 2pac had been though enough suffering & requested that his life support be removed.

2pac was pronounced dead on 13th September 1996.

Nobody has ever been charged with his murder & it is not known whether Orlando Anderson was involved even though he was once a suspect.

Our thoughts are with the Shakur family & friends of Tupac Shakur.

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