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Another Tupac book lined up for anniversary of his death

Posted by AceOfDiamonds on 28 Aug 2006 21:33

To coincide with 10 years since Tupac passed there are many projects looking to commemorate, and encourage the memory of his life. Or dare I say it, cash in on his anniversary.

One of the many projects due for release and which promises to be different from the rest is Tupac Shakur Legacy. Below is the press release for you to decide for yourself.

Ten years after Tupac's tragic death, Jamal Joseph presents the story of rap artist, political spokesman, poet, actor, writer, humanitarian and entrepreneur Tupac Amaru Shakur. Tupac Shakur Legacy is far more than just a book. As a unique and special tribute to the memory of Tupac's irreplaceable genius, becker & mayar and Atria Books have put together a hands-on, interactive, portable museum that's not just a portrait of the artist, but a knowing, revealing glimpse into the world – and mind – of one of hip-hop's most revered poets. Jamal Joseph, the author of the book, worked closely with Shakur's aunt, Gloria Cox, and Molly Monjauze, one of Tupac's best friends and trusted confident of the Shakur family, are to reveal a personal side to Tupac that's rarely been seen by the public. Both Cox and Monjauze are story consultants on the book and worked for years to gather Tupac's never before seen personal articles for inclusion in the book. "My sister, Afeni Shakur and I feel it's time to share his personal memorabilia with his ardent fans who are so devoted and are constantly seeking a deeper connection to him. This book gives them a glimpse into Tupac's life through his eyes, in a different more special way," says Tupac's aunt and Afeni Shakur's sister, Gloria Cox. Using recovered and removable exact replicas of documents, including everything from a 1984 playbill for a Harlem festival featuring a very young Shakur to the infamous handwritten contract with Death Row Records, Tupac Shakur Legacy stands alone in revealing the superstar as he saw himself: both supremely confident and supremely vulnerable. In stories only known to his closest friends and family, Tupac Shakur Legacy covers everything, from his early childhood in Harlem, to his quick rise to stardom, through his incarceration and subsequent release, to his last, triumphant years in the eyes of his adoring public. In this unusual scrapbook, Tupac Shakur Legacy tells of a singular life, one full of grittiness and heart – and one imbued, at its core, in honesty and passion.

Source: http://www.mobfiggaz.net/2006/08/14/2PacNews/another-tupac-book-lined-up-for-anniversary-of-his-death.html

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