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2Pac, Tupac Shakur aka: Makaveli Tha Don

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2pac & Suge Marion Knight

.:: Tupac Shakur News

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.:: Tupac Shakur - A Short Biography

Tupac Shakur was born Lesane Parish Crooks on the June 16th 1971 in Brooklyn, New York. His mother Afeni Shakur changed his name from Lesane Parish Crooks to Tupac Shakur, the name is from an Inca Indian tribe and means 'shining serpent', & his last name, Shakur, means thankful to God. 2pac had one half sister Sekyiwa Shakur, he also has a half brother named Maurice Harding and he is better known as Mopreme Shakur AKA Komani from the group Thug Life.

Although Tupac's real father William Garland never played a bit part in his life, 2pac's step father Jeral Wayne Williams AKA Mutula Shakur did. While a young child, 2pac discovered his love for dance and music. Afeni was very supportive along the way. As a young teen his family moved to Baltimore, MD. While living there Tupac started attending the Baltimore School for the Performing Arts, studying acting and ballet. He left a lasting impression on his teachers after leaving the school, all knowing he had great promise in the arts.

2pac had many hit records, but the one that put him on the chart was All Eyes On Me and it was released in 1996. That album has sold well over 9 million copies to date & Spawned hit singles for 2pac such as "How do u want it" & "California love". He then set to work recording what would be the last album before his death which was entitled The Don Killuminati The 7 Day Theory under the alias Makaveli.

On the night of September 13, 1996, Tupac Shakur died of gunshot wounds which he received on September 7th 1996 in a drive-by shooting after attending a boxing match Las Vegas. The gunmen is still so far unknown & no charges were ever filed, but it is believed that it was a gang related shooting & the trigger man being Orlando Anderson a Crip gang member. 2Pac the rap legend was on his way to a charity function when he was shot. It was reported in 2002 by the L.A Times that one of Tupac's Enemies Biggie Smalls AKA the Notorious B.I.G played a part in Tupac's murder, Tupac had previously dissed Biggie on one of Hip Hops most venomous diss tracks Hit em up in which Tupac claims to have fucked Biggies wife Faith Evans & he declares "If you want to be down with Badboy fuck you too".

Since his death there have been countless DVD's & books documenting his life, career & death. Cathy Scott was the author of one of the better known 2pac books "The Killing of Tupac Shakur" in which an autopsy picture of Tupac appears, yet many of his fans believe that the autopsy picture is fake & choose to believe that he is still alive, whatever the case Makaveli & his music & message live on. Death hasn't stopped 2Pac being the greatest rap artist of all time, in fact since 2pac's death he has had many more albums released than whilst he was alive, such as Better Dayz, Until The End Of Time, Still I Rise, Greatest Hits, Resurrection OST, R U Still Down? [Remember me] & Loyal To The Game.

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